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Bio Juice? What’s up at the U of Hawaii Aquaponics?

This educator is making an excellent point. This at the Univ of Hawaii A&A Conference is iterated nicely. It mirrors what we’ve been saying at Bioponica. Aquaponics is just the tip of the iceberg, an I’m not talking about lettuce, but I am, really I am. Aquaponics is suitable for green leafy plants and light … Continue reading

Vermicompost and VermaPonics; Worms like trash, Fish like Worms, Plants like Worm Poop. Where Do Humans Fit In? Well Don’t Be Surprised…

See the full gallery on Posterous As seen produced here at Growing Power, worms and worm castings are a budding farm industry. This is a practical way to turn waste into worms and compostings into plant fertilizer. Waste is free, castings and live worms make a profitable return. At OTGE we like worms as fish … Continue reading


Bioponica System

20' x 4' Deep Water Troughs plus 210 Gallon Tank Below. Troughs function as clarifier, biofilter, and aerobic digester for duckweed and Deep Water Culture

Bioponica Feedback


20' x 4' plant beds 210 gallon fish tank. Ebb and flow rock beds above tank

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55 Gallon Anaerobic Digester

Liquid Digestate For Clarifier, No Methane Capture

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