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Broccoli Sprouts for stomach ulcers; A spoonful of natural medicine.

ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS FOR H PYLORI Here’s Amy Kings remedy for ulcers due to H Pylori that I like. 90% of ulcers are due to this bacteria which is directly inhibited by the broccoli phytochemical. *  Manuka Honey (Active)– This is the new bomb for anyone suffering from a bacterial or staph infection — internally or externally.  It’s picking … Continue reading

Growing Microgreens, Day 10

This is an experiment in raising microgreens without dirt, chemicals or synthetic media. The Bioponica™ bed itself is optimized for 10″ standard sized trays. The water levels are set to fill to the top of the rocks and can be adjusted with drain valve to any level. With a bioponic method it is possible to … Continue reading

Microgreens Experiment; Day 2 Burlap and Fiberglass Mesh

Bio Juice? What’s up at the U of Hawaii Aquaponics?

This educator is making an excellent point. This at the Univ of Hawaii A&A Conference is iterated nicely. It mirrors what we’ve been saying at Bioponica. Aquaponics is just the tip of the iceberg, an I’m not talking about lettuce, but I am, really I am. Aquaponics is suitable for green leafy plants and light … Continue reading

Day 4 and 5: Wheat Grass Growth 1″ Aquaponic Ebb Flow

Considerable growth seen on Day 4. The question I’m considering is whether or not the germination rate is optimized? Are some seeds inclined to germinate slower?  It is possible that the sauration or drying period between saturation points is not entirely consistent. On a second test the tray will be set deeper into the rock bed, so water flows to 1/2 … Continue reading

Day 3 Growing Wheatgrass with Aquaponic Ebb and Flow

It’s a fast start, seeds germinated in a day. No lid on top of this tray but water is pumping on average 15 minutes each hour; enough to keep wet between cycles, especially with the humidity we’ve had in ATL this month. I’ve tested growing micro greens and wheat grass using trays that just barely … Continue reading


Bioponica System

20' x 4' Deep Water Troughs plus 210 Gallon Tank Below. Troughs function as clarifier, biofilter, and aerobic digester for duckweed and Deep Water Culture

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20' x 4' plant beds 210 gallon fish tank. Ebb and flow rock beds above tank

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