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Tax Credits, Funding – Available for Farm and Agriculture Sustainability Projects. LOTS of money!

These are your tax dollars working for you. Grants and incentives are available through federal and state funding programs to help businesses practice sustainability, individuals and communities get Off The Grid. Scanning thru the pages of grants I came across several examples to get familiar with the funding projects and how they may be pertinent … Continue reading

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service; An Resource and Education Treasure.

If you want to put the whole schtick into perspective here it is. Amazingly enough this website ATTRA is one of the USDA’s Cooperative Programs within their Rural Development Divisions and it’s Value Added Grant Program. Amazing because it connects to a vast array of progressive developments in alternative farming methods. Search topics for links … Continue reading


Bioponica System

20' x 4' Deep Water Troughs plus 210 Gallon Tank Below. Troughs function as clarifier, biofilter, and aerobic digester for duckweed and Deep Water Culture

Bioponica Feedback


20' x 4' plant beds 210 gallon fish tank. Ebb and flow rock beds above tank

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Monday Thru Friday.................... From 9am-9pm............................. Call 404-444-7121

Anaerobic Digester Barrel

55 Gallon Anaerobic Digester

Liquid Digestate For Clarifier, No Methane Capture

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