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Bioponica Presentation: Georgia Organics Conference Feb 24-25

Come join us for the Georgia Organics Conference in Columbus Georgia this weekend. We’re honored to be sharing the bill with the likes of George Allen from Growing Power who will be the Keynote speaker. The Bioponica workshop will be held on Saturday. We’ll discuss the Food Plant and how to build a simple anaerobic … Continue reading

Comparing Field Crop Farming vs Closed Loop Bioponics

Efficiencies of bioponic approach vs. conventional farming WATER Conventional: Water used on soil lost to water table. Only small amount is absorbed by roots. Excessive use of water increases reliance on municipal water causing higher sodium and chloride salt buildup, impedes plant growth. Bioponics: Uses 90% less water than conventional irrigation. Water used is recaptured … Continue reading

The Food Plant: Features of closed-loop process

By mimicking the way ponds naturally acquire fertility to feed fish and nourish plants throught nutrient cycling it is possible to apply this science to modern agriculture to create a more sustainable farming method. With the Bioponica™ Food Plant™ system, efficiencies are particularly important as the cost of attaining off site  sources of fertilizers and … Continue reading

Merry-Go-Round Saves Energy Pumps Water

  Kids have energy for play, pumps require energy for work. Here’s a play toy that turns work into childs play and pumps water for free. The company that makes the PlayPump hopes to put tens of thousands of these systems into community villages throughout the developing world. We like this idea at Bioponica for … Continue reading

Locally produced fish food: Grow your own plankton and zooplankton.

Here is a simple project for raising algae that is practical, as a tabletop exercise, for high school education labs. Growing in this fashion is similar to the process of high tech bioreactors and various tube systems commonly used in the biotech industry. Researchers feed algae with CO2 from combusted exhaust emissions, a method which holds great promise … Continue reading

The Treadle Water Pump. With a bit of ingenuity, possibilities are limitless.

In developing countries the treadle is changing lives by simplifying the process of moving water, without electricty. As it makes conventional agriculture more efficient, the treadle water pump is a brilliant idea that can be applied to low energy aquaponic gardens to take them entirely off the grid. More dependable than solar panels, wind power and batteries, the treadle is another remarkable means to … Continue reading

Potassium from Organic Wood Ash and BioChar vs. Inorganic Sources; A Hydroponic and Aquaponic Growth Media Supplement

The application of wood ash to soil has been a commercial farming practice since 1790 with the first patent of a potassium soil supplement from burnt trees. Also known as potassium ash or potash, the potassium carbonate molecule remains very important as one of the three primary macro elements in synthetic fertilizers, recognized as NPK … Continue reading

Berlin Designer Invents Watergy; A Greenhouse That Condenses Water from Air and Sea Salt

  This system seen in this video was the 2010 runner up in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. It is a greenhouse that utilizes convection to condense water from air. It is basically a water production system for arid climates to grow food and satisfy water needs for a community. If ideas like this were applied on a small scale, water … Continue reading


Bioponica System

20' x 4' Deep Water Troughs plus 210 Gallon Tank Below. Troughs function as clarifier, biofilter, and aerobic digester for duckweed and Deep Water Culture

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20' x 4' plant beds 210 gallon fish tank. Ebb and flow rock beds above tank

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