David Epstein D.O.

David Epstein, D.O.

Dr Dave is a practicing physician, entrepreneur, organic gardener and the manager of Bioponica™.

He grew up in Dallas, Texas and attended the University of Texas and the University California Berkeley between 1978-1982.  Graduated with a Degree in Psychology and minor in Art, Dr Dave earned his medicine degree at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (TCOM) and completed an Internship in Flint Michigan in 1986.

As a private practice holistic physician, David Epstein, D.O emphasizes nutrition, diet, lifestyle enhancement and natural remedies. His priority as a primary care osteopath is to taking patients off of unnecessarily prescribed medicines, a problem of epic proportion.  Currently Dr. Dave practices part time at a holistic medical clinic in the Atlanta area.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Dave founded Earth Solutions a natural products company with national distribution that continues to supply wholesalers, retailers and the general public to this day. The Earth Solutions brand is one of therapeutic aroma blends associated with positive thoughts, referred to as “Affirmatherapy™”. The packaging is artistically folksy and speaks to consumers of all backgrounds and desires.

In 2008 and amid economic uncertainty and international concern for food and water security, Dr. Dave turned a hobbied interest with aquaponics into an innovative product named the “Farm in a Box™”.  Within a year, word of the innovation was reported by local and national news giants including Fox 5 TV, NPR and Clark Howard, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Good Morning America.

The publicity and wide support led to wide distribution of the aquarium aquaponic system and sparked an interest in sustainable urban farming and the founding of Bioponica™.  Dr. Dave’s influenced the company’s mission to address food and water independence and long term security. From a health perspective this objective is a great remedy for stress. To know that water and food can be perpetually relied upon is reassuring and gives growers the confidence to build a life around the farm.

For urban farmers, even a small area can lead to a profitable business and maintain market appeal when the value of nutritious and medicinal plants is added to the equation. Microgreens and wheatgrass are known superfoods that provide high quality minerals, phytochemicals and amino acids. Vitamins, chlorophyll and functional compounds give value economically and healthwise.  Under the direction of Dr. Dave, Bioponica™ will further explore the use and understanding of whole plants to promote self help through education.

Once a farm or greenhouse is established the top priorities will have been addressed allowing for the focus on health and wellbeing of the individual and community. Bioponica™ is researching functional compounds and the therapeituc benefits of plants in areas that have so far received little attention from the general public. Plants such as broccoli sprouts or the microgreens of alfalfa, clover and ginseng are known effective in the treatment of infections, cancer, memory and bone density. Imagine what it would be like to grow an entire health clinic, safely dispensing remedies in the way of juices, tonics and dehydrated powders and whole plant salad blends.

By engaging medical schools, public health students and plant biologists, Dr. Dave hopes to advance the science and use of functional foods as their growth is optimized with reproducible systems controlling nutrients and environmental conditions. This will be done by offering classes and workshops in a collaborative effort between community, health care providers and educators who grow their practice around the sustainable farm.


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