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Food health and farm freedom, let my people go.

Raw Milk legislation by the FDA is unhealthy, unwise

“On Wednesday January, 11 Wisconsin dairy farmer Vernon Herschberger must appear before a county judge in Baraboo, WI. His crime? Providing unpasteurized dairy products from his small herd of about twenty pastured cows to members of his own buying club.  Half way across the continent in Maine, Daniel Brown, another family farmer with a small livestock herd was notified last November that he was being sued by the state for selling food and milk without a license.   At the time he was milking one Jersey cow.
In Valencio County, New Mexico, the Hispano Chamber of Commerce was forced to cancel its popular Matanza Festival set for Jan. 28th under pressure from the USDA which said the centuries old tradition of processing and serving pigs on site could no longer be done outside of a federally certified slaughter facility.   Last July in Oak Park, Minnesota bureaucrats threatened Julie Bass with up to three months in jail for daring to grow vegetables in her own front yard.  In September,  Adam Guerroro was ordered to remove his kitchen garden because it was deemed a “public nuisance” by Memphis, Tennessee officials.  Apparently, Michelle Obama’s victory garden at the White House falls under a different jurisdiction.
This government crackdown on family farmers is absurd given the current sordid state of our food/farm system and the urgent need to relocalize agriculture for the sake of our health, as well as that of the planet.   Study after study has shown that the most dangerous food is usually that which has endured the most processing and traveled the furthest.” Full story at
Mennonite communities are highly vulnerable to these imposing laws as they have provided their communities and retailers seeking high quality raw milk from sustainable, low carbon output farms. More information on this topic as noted below can be found at Corporate milk on the other hand carries poses a major health consequence:
“Corporate milk:During the Clinton administration, a new study was released “conclud[ing] that milk from cows injected with [genetically engineered bovine growth hormone – rBGH) increases risks of breast and colon cancers in humans.

“rBGH poses an even greater risk to human health than ever considered,” warned Samuel Epstein M.D., Professor of Environmental Medicine …. “The FDA and Monsanto have a lot to answer for. Given the cancer risks, and other health concerns, why is rBGH milk still on the market?”Since 1986, independent scientists have expressed concern about the lack of research on rBGH milk.
Michael Colby, Executive Director of Food and Water said, “Monsanto ‘s claims that rBGH is perfectly safe have been proven dead wrong today …. Only Monsanto is benefiting from this drug. It’s time for dairy companies to side with consumers by adopting a policy that they will not allow rBGH, under any circumstances, to be used by their farmers.”Epstein said: “The entire nation is currently being subjected to a large-scale adulteration of an age-old dietary staple by a poorly characterized and unlabeled biotechnology product which is very different than natural milk.”In 2007 – when Mark Nolt was first arrested for selling raw milk (natural milk) – a citizens’ petition to the FDA on rBGH milk showed 30 scientific journals indicating an up-to-7-fold increased risk of breast cancer, and an increased risk of colon and prostate cancer.

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