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Merry-Go-Round Saves Energy Pumps Water


Kids have energy for play, pumps require energy for work. Here’s a play toy that turns work into childs play and pumps water for free. The company that makes the PlayPump hopes to put tens of thousands of these systems into community villages throughout the developing world.

We like this idea at Bioponica for pumping water in off the grid garden systems that utilize recirculating water systems. It works similarly to the treadle, which we reported on recently yet has potential for creating greater energy savings as it allows for potential energy storage in water tanks, as the efforts by many children spinning a merry go round goes a lot further. That may not be necessary for a small greenhouse operation but for an entire village this can be a lot more efficient than the work of one or two peddling a treadle. The efforts of these kids at 16 cycles per minute is enough to move 1400 liters of water per hour from a depth of 100 meters.

We are looking into innovations such as the Australian Play Pump for charging batteries that may be used within community greenhouses for pumping water, powering lights and cooling fans. This merry go round concept is another example of how brilliant innovations can lead to simple solutions.

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CoFounder of Algosolar, dba Bioponica. Consultant, designer, developer of Biogarden and Incubator Ecosystems for producing organic food and fish, sustainably.


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