Tax Credits, Funding – Available for Farm and Agriculture Sustainability Projects. LOTS of money!


These are your tax dollars working for you. Grants and incentives are available through federal and state funding programs to help businesses practice sustainability, individuals and communities get Off The Grid.

Scanning thru the pages of grants I came across several examples to get familiar with the funding projects and how they may be pertinent to a lot more small farmers and educators that might be expected.
On this page is a Producer Grant from Western SARE that gives one and two year grants to individual and/or a collective of producers to conduct on-site experiments to improve operations and environment as it involves organic production and marketing; available funds – $30,000. Another is a grant for $25,000 for students who enroll in sustainable Graduate Student Programs. Or if you are a producer and want to conduct or attend educational outreach demonstrations you’re probably are a candidate for this $2000 Sustainable Ag Tours Grant. 

Just take a breath every now and then, to look up from down the rabbit hole.


About drdave

CoFounder of Algosolar, dba Bioponica. Consultant, designer, developer of Biogarden and Incubator Ecosystems for producing organic food and fish, sustainably.


2 thoughts on “Tax Credits, Funding – Available for Farm and Agriculture Sustainability Projects. LOTS of money!

  1. from what i could gather, the southern region sustainablle agriculturral research and education people have put on hold any immediate proposal requests

    Posted by Anonymous | August 3, 2010, 15:39
  2. I’ll get in touch with my contact at the UDSA and see if I can find out anything.

    Posted by David Epstein, D.O. | August 3, 2010, 17:47

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