Berlin Designer Invents Watergy; A Greenhouse That Condenses Water from Air and Sea Salt



This system seen in this video was the 2010 runner up in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. It is a greenhouse that utilizes convection to condense water from air. It is basically a water production system for arid climates to grow food and satisfy water needs for a community. If ideas like this were applied on a small scale, water security and off the grid sustainability could be advanced without reliance on municipal water or even rainfall. 

Here’s what Dr Martin Buckholtz, inventor of Watergy has to say about the greenhouse:

“I can store the heat I grab during the day through the phase change in order to regenerate the solution during night. At night I’m evaporating the water out of the desiccant solution. When I have cold outside temperatures, like during nighttime in the desert, I can get back cool fresh water by collecting condensation on the inner greenhouse cover. I can design the system to make fresh water in one part of the structure while I’m drying air in another part of the structure. These concepts are conceived for various environmental conditions where the outside temperature is as high as or higher than the inside temperature. Each time high air temperatures are generated on the inside of the structure excess heat can be released to the environment similar to the backside of a refrigerator in your home.”

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CoFounder of Algosolar, dba Bioponica. Consultant, designer, developer of Biogarden and Incubator Ecosystems for producing organic food and fish, sustainably.


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