Patio PeePonics

Ginger lillies love water and they’re digging aquaponics as you can see in this 10 gallon Farm in a Box. There are no fish however, as the sole nutrient source is 2 cups per week is urine. Around here we call it ‘PeePonics’. You can learn more by searching for “PeePeePonics” or “UrinePonics.”


In Atlanta temperatures have been 90’s every day, high humidity. These ginger lllies have grown exceptionally well this year setup like this, drinking as much as 5 gallons per week, though no water is lost to the ground. Water loving plants grow exceptionally well in a  recirculating ebb and flow ‘ponic system by comparison to in-ground. Pre ‘ponics I grew the lillies in ground, but with 3-4 week dry spells, unwatered they tend to struggle. With soil gardening I tend to be stingy (or lazy) about watering plants, preferring to xeriscape with climate tolerant plants such as fruit trees, garlic, herbs, blackberries, etc.

Peeponics helps gardeners conserve water through recirculation and fewer toilet flushes. It’s a great model that is scalable and practical for getting off the grid.

About drdave

CoFounder of Algosolar, dba Bioponica. Consultant, designer, developer of Biogarden and Incubator Ecosystems for producing organic food and fish, sustainably.


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