Earth Solutions explores aquaponics with its Farm in a Box™


Earth Solutions explores the future of farming with its Farm in a Box™.

The buzz started last spring in Cabbagetown as Dr. Dave, began exploring a new type of organic gardening in his backyard, aquaponics.

“It was on the front porch so neighbors who heard the water and saw the rain barrels and plant beds made from salvaged metal roofing started asking questions.” Park Pride asked me to consider a grant proposal for expanding the system to a local Community Center. Soon after, a string of state and national news outfits began to write and film stories.

“It was NPR by the time I had moved took the idea inside and when spring arrived Atlanta’s Fox 5 and the Clark Howard Show followed the progress in the backyard.

“When The Wall Street Journal called it took my breath away and I realized that this was a really big story. But the biggest was when I found myself on July 4th, setting up the Farm in Box for Good Morning America in Central Park. ”

It had been only one year since Earth Solutions founder had downloaded his first set DIY aquaponic plans the company’s version was being broadcast across the country. This more than anything is a testament to the enthusiasm aquaponics creates and the novelty of a design that ads the element of fish to the garden, indoors or out.

-Dr. David Epstein

About drdave

CoFounder of Algosolar, dba Bioponica. Consultant, designer, developer of Biogarden and Incubator Ecosystems for producing organic food and fish, sustainably.


2 thoughts on “Earth Solutions explores aquaponics with its Farm in a Box™

  1. Review of your product is at

    I have considered buying your product but there are some negative points brought up there, care to comment?

    Posted by jon w | April 27, 2010, 03:23

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